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Our diverse clientele includes individuals, organizations, and communities.

Our success is founded on the unique relationships we build with our clients, using active listening and a results-oriented focus.    

Without going into too much detail, I recently went through a divorce and found myself struggling. I was referred to Mindy Mayer at M2M, who was able to listen and really lend support while validating my thoughts and feelings. I was feeling much better about my situation and myself after only 3 sessions. It was at that point that I thought I was “better” and no longer needed these sessions. Marci joined us in my last session, and she was able to quickly assess that there was so much more I could be doing with my life. 


Their approach of combining therapy and coaching was completely different from the traditional psychotherapy I had experienced many times over the course of my life. 


As a team, Mindy and Marci really got down to address all the facets of my life. My divorce, I learned, became an opportunity to take ownership of my life and choose the direction I truly wanted to pursue (or, as M2M calls it, living my authentic life). 


Mindy and Marci have complementary skill sets. Mindy listens, is intuitive, and is direct and supportive at the same time. Marci was very skilled at coaching me toward a “better life.” Without going into detail, after working with M2M, I moved to another state, landed the work opportunity I actually wanted, and I am aware of my blockages and what has kept me stuck all these years. I would absolutely recommend M2M to anyone. I was reluctant to seek help and can honestly say the work I have done with Mindy and Marci has truly changed my life, my outlook, and the way I feel about myself! Thank you, Mindy and Marci! 

M2M Client, New York

"Marci and Mindy are incredible leaders, teachers, and mentors. With their guidance and support, I've been successful in advancing, both professionally and personally. They have helped me connect more deeply to my own life and career goals while also mentoring me through extremely challenging professional situations."

M2M Client, FL

"M2M is phenomenal.

In every way, they have elevated our work and our performance. They provide the tools, resources, and connections to advance our community development work."

Monica Figueroa King, CEO,

Broward Healthy Start Coalition

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Marci Ronik, DrPH, MS

Mindy Mayer, LCSW-R



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