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Our Model

We all have unique histories and stories that have shaped our lives. Those experiences and our responses to them may be impacting our current realities, which may be affecting our ability to realize our future dreams and goals. 


The past several years have been challenging for many of us. We have had to learn how to be resilient, overcome adversity, and move forward. Sometimes, this is easier said than done. 


The goal of M2M is to help you get from "where you are to where you want to be" by...

  • meeting you where you are, we work with you to create awareness to identify the challenges you have faced in your past to REFRAME and rewrite your narrative…

  • helping you identify the areas you want to work on, we guide you to actively launch and RECLAIM your present with skills and insights gained through a unique combination of therapy and coaching…

  • partnering with you in creating specific action plans, we support your strategic transformation to REIMAGINE your future…


M2M provides a safe, supportive space for you to live your life on purpose with awareness and authenticity. Using evidence-based tools, such as assessments, inventories, and activities, the M2M model promotes growth through the recognition of unique strengths and challenges as well as potential roadblocks and opportunities. This model offers an incomparable experience of personal discovery and growth.

Book a 30-minute free consultation with M2M to launch your strategic transformation.

Marci Ronik, DrPH, MS

Mindy Mayer, LCSW-R



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Helping you get from where you are - to where you want to be.
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